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Truscend 5 pack Swim Jigs

Truscend 5 pack Swim Jigs

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  • ULTRA-SHARP BKK HOOK - The bass lures are rigged with BKK ultra-sharp hook with Teflon super-smooth coating, which have excellent anti-rust performance, sharp hook point and strong penetration. The hook of the swim jigs features low stabbing resistance and fast speed that is especially important for bass fishing.
  • INNOVATIVE TITANIUM WEED GUARD - TRUSCEND swim jigs for bass fishing are equipped with a unique titanium wire as weed guard, which is not easy to break or deform, and long service life. The weedless jig fishing lures are the magic baits you win on the battlefield.
  • LIVELY & VIVID SKIRTED BASS JIG - To mesmerize bass with flowing movement, the freshwater bass jigs fishing lures finished with a muti-color silicone skirt with flash foil for lively action, which keeps good expansion in the water, produces extra realistic subtle movements and contours even without moving the lure. Plus, we equip the swimbait with different colors for use in different waters.
  • FISH HEAD SHAPED DESIGN - The exclusive fish jigs head design is perfect for multiple bait presentations such as swimming, flipping, and pitching dragging. The fish-shaped head glides through heavy cover and grass. As it enters the water, the bass jigs descend with an inviting posture. You'll be able to feel even the slightest strikes. The jigs lures can take your bass fishing game to the next level.
  • SUPER STRONG FIXED STRUCTURE - Compared to traditional tying materials, our fishing jigs use a unique stainless steel metal wire tying silicone skirt, which is stronger and more reliable, and is 3 times more durable. In addition, the fishing lures have a soft baits trailer keeper. You no longer have to worry about trailer falling off and lures falling apart.
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