The Bass Angler's Club Story

Growing up in Southwest Louisiana, fishing was a huge part of my life! Our parents loved us dearly, worked hard to provide for us and taught us the value of family and a love of Jesus. We didn't have a lot, but as a kid the one thing my brothers and I always had were weekend fishing trips with dad! Honestly I'm not sure how he did it. After working a 12 hour shift at the local chemical plant, my dad would get home early in the morning, load us up in the family station wagon and we would go fishing. Those fishing trips were everything to me! It allowed my brothers and I to bond, get into trouble and most importantly learn from our father.The older I got, the more the trips evolved. As life played out and my mother passed away, being out fishing with dad became so much more important to me. Everything that makes me the man I am today, I owe to sitting on the back of that aluminum boat, laughing and talking with my dad. We didn't have the most expensive or fanciest gear, but we had everything necessary to get out there on the water and make the most of the day and our time together. 
As a father and husband today I can honestly say that fishing has helped shape me into the man I am! The countless hours spent with my dad on the water laid the foundation and desire for me to do the same for my boys and share the many life lessons that my dad share with me. I created The Bass Angler's Club with the intention of making fishing affordable for fisherman regardless of their background or fishing experience. I know that for the everyday guy like me, it's not always about having the most expensive lures, rods or reels! We just want high quality equipment that catches fish and doesn't break the bank, so we can spend time on the water with those that we love making memories with, like my dad did with me. At The Bass Angler's Club our promise to you is simple, we'll always strive to have everything you need to get hooked on fishing!!! That includes low prices.