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Googan Dart 7"

Googan Dart 7"

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When you cast out the Googan® Baits Dart, let it drop, dance and dart it near the bottom, and – BOOM – you'll suddenly get the fight you came looking for. This soft plastic jerk bait features a streamlined shape that triggers furious strikes. It's natural-looking forked tail, baitfish details, and segmented length create a fluid, motion-filled presentation. Not satisfied with its lifelike appearance, the experts at Googan Baits have amped up this soft plastic lure by drenching it in Googan Slaunch Sauce, a fish-attracting scent that fish can't resist.

  • Delivers lifelike darting, dancing, strike-tempting motion
  • Streamlined shape triggers furious strikes
  • Natural-looking forked tail
  • Baitfish details
  • Segmented length
  • Googan Slaunch Sauce
  • Quantity of 5 Baits in 7" Style
  • Molded Clamshell Packaging to Guarantee the Integrity of the Baits' Shape
  • Slaunch Sauce Scent
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