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Big Bite Baits Warmouth Chubsucker 3.5"

Big Bite Baits Warmouth Chubsucker 3.5"

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The Big Bite Baits Warmouth is a signature bait from Big Bite pro staffer and Elite Series veteran pro, Dean Rojas. Rojas used the Warmouth to log a 3rd place finish in the 2010 BASS Elite Series Event on Smith Mountain Lake, an 8th at the 2011 FLW Event on Lake Okeechobee, and he also used it to pluck enough big fish off beds to win wire-to-wire at the 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series Event on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Your first thought might be swimbait, but Dean designed the Warmouth to be fished in a much different style. Dean fishes the Warmouth Texas-rigged, but he rigs it on the flat side rather than vertically. This gives it a unique profile and action on the fall that imitates a bluegill or baitfish. The legs and body design allow the bait to be fished sideways without spinning on the fall, giving it a natural gliding action. Also, when worked along the bottom, the Warmouth resembles a bluegill feeding on its side with its tail kicking up, making it a killer sight fishing bait. The subtle kicking action of the legs also make it a great swim jig trailer. Designed to be fished with an extra wide gap worm hook, three ridges molded into the flat side of the body let you skin hook the point to make it weedless and allows for better hook penetration.

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