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Bass Angler's Club 2024 Angler Pro Angler 20

Bass Angler's Club 2024 Angler Pro Angler 20

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The Bass Angler's Club 2024 Pro Angler 20 demonstrates our commitment to making fishing affordable for everyone!!

This 11ft long kayak provides plenty of stability at 34.5" in width, and 13" tall. Weighing 62lbs our Angler Pro kayak is highly maneuverable yet able to carry a heavy load with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. The Angler Pro 20 comes equipped with

  • 2 Bungees (Nose fastened with 6 round buckles and tail with 6 plastic screws on the 2 sidetracks)
  • 1 Carry handle in the front
  • 6 fishing rods rest area in the front 1 x Fish finder and fish guide mounting position.
  • 1 rudder system (blade hidden under the kayak)
  • 1 removable rectangle storage box in the mid at the front, if using the pedal drive system storage box can be removed to insert the pedal drive.
  • 1 6-inch hatch cover in front of the seat position.
  • 1 cup holder at left
  • 1 rudder system controller
  • 2 fishing rod holders
  • 1 trolling motor install plate
  • 1 adjustable Aluminum seat (through 2 sidetracks)
  • 2 tracks in the front
  • 2 tackle box area
  • 6 Drain covers.
  • 1 Drain plug

The Angler Pro 20 has everything you need to get out on the water and land the fish you've been searching for all year!

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